Deidre Hierlihy


Deidre Hierlihy is an artist and teacher. She has developed a portfolio of beautiful linoprints and collographs. Galleries who would like her to participate in a show or people who would like to purchase her work have to wait until she is able to cart her portfolio over to meet with them.

The Solution

Deidre’s online website shows her work by category and theme. It is easy to update and to add a new work. Gallery owners can easily view her work anytime. Deidre can create new themes based on gallery show applications.

Potential customers easily find a whole range of Deidre’s work. They can contact her via email to arrange a purchase or to find out about classed. The website has been optimized for search engines and displays well from any device – from computer to tablet to smart phone (responsive design).

Responsive Design

Search Engine Optimized

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